politique de sécurité d'aliment

Without giving up our high level of guest satisfaction principle in the tourism sector in which we operate, we prioritize the needs and expectations of guests,
• To produce our products hygienically and with high quality,
• To always be a reliable facility,
• To comply with the relevant legal regulations on Food Safety,
• Our Food Safety Policy is to be an exemplary facility in the sector by preparing and implementing periodic training plans to increase the Food Safety awareness of our personnel and thus enabling them to contribute to continuous improvement activities.

• To meet the needs and expectations of the guests by prioritizing the hygiene conditions,
• To ensure the continuity of personnel trainings and to improve their qualifications by updating them according to the developing technology,
• To ensure that the product acceptance, production and presentation areas are continuously maintained in a structural sense in terms of the food safety system,
• To ensure that our employees and suppliers adopt the food safety management system.

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Avec sa situation, sa nature, sa façade renouvelée et sa perception de service de qualité unique, le Club Blue Waters vous promet des vacances au delà des rêves en offrant une escale de gaiété dans le rytme rapide de la vie.


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